Now, anyone can
create Facebook
Like Ads.

NODY is the Low-Cost marketing tool
to get more "Likes" for Facebook pages.

Reasons to start using NODY.

Super Easy, 3 steps to start advertising.

Since there is no complicated work, even beginners can easily promote products and services.

Get "Users Report" and check users interests.

Find out which goods and services people like, and apply the insights to your next business.

$10 only to raise your "Likes".

Minimum daily budget and schedule is $1 and 10 days NODY is the one that gets the greatest impact with the smallest budget.

3 steps to post Ads to get more "Likes".

Register personal information.
Choose the schedule,budget, and target audience.
Make creative ads.


NODY team will contact you from Facebook Messenger after registration.


Can I use NODY without having a Facebook page?
Having a Facebook page is a must. Also, please confirm that you have admin access for the Facebook page.
Can I advertise for free?
Advertisement posting fee is required. You can set any amount of budget starting from $10 or more.
How many days will my ads be posted for?
It can be between 10 days to 90 days. You can choose the start date and the end date freely.
What is the shortest time I can start advertising?
We will start within 3 ~ 5 business days after you complete registration. Start date may be delayed due to advertisement and payment review by Facebook.
How can I pay for NODY?
There are two payment options: Bank Transfer or Cash payment to our Cambodia office.
*Transfer fee: Bank Transfer ($15), Cash Payment (free)
* Identification Document will be required for Cash Payment.
Will my information be shared with other people?
Is my information safe with NODY?
We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously in accordance to our privacy policy.

Let's raise
"Likes" with NODY.